Monday, November 19, 2012

Nov. 19, 2012

Dear Mom,
I was going to put pictures on today, but I´m going to wait until next week because we have a baptism this Saturday, and I thought that you might want to see those pictures. We are baptizing a person who is 25 years old, who we found like 3 weeks ago and have been teaching, and helped him stop smoking. He stopped smoking in like a week, which is crazy! We fasted with him, and promised him that with the Lord´s help he could stop to get ready to be baptized, and he has completely stopped smoking now, so we are really excited for that.
This week has been good. It´s been a little crazy with divisions with other missionaries and stuff, and I was sick all of yesterday, and we got home from church and I just fell asleep, and slept through the night pretty much, but I am feeling a little better today. Yesterday we were told to stay in our apartments anyways though, because they had elections here in Honduras, and apparently they have had problems before with it being dangerous, so that was the best day possible to be sick.
My apartment is pretty nice. We have electricity just fine, with regular outlets and lights in every room. We were having problems with our stove, and it exploded this week and broke, so we got a brand new one, that works a lot better than the other one, so that´s good. We have running water, but not very good running water. The freezing shower works, and a spigot to fill up our 50 gallon tub that we keep water in to wash our hands and do laundry, and stuff like that. The sink in the bathroom doesn´t work at all, and the kitchen sink barely works, it just trickles. But the apartment is nice. It is pretty clean, and we only have little tiny ants that get everywhere, that we just ignore.
It sounds like Ben is doing well in Columbia, that is exciting that he´s already left. I got a letter from him this week, and based on the letter that he sent me from the Provo MTC, I don´t think that he got the letter that I sent to him to the MTC. I keep getting letters saying that people haven´t gotten any hand written letters that I´ve sent from Honduras... Do you know if anyone has gotten a letter from me in Honduras? Did you get the letter that I sent to James at your address? Because I sent that like a month ago...
I don´t have a lot of time on Monday to use the internet to read email, so it would be better to send me long things through Dear Elder.
We won´t have a Thanksgiving here, I don´t think, it´s an American holiday, but I´m not super disappointed about that.
Elder Ward