Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10, 2013

I am doing good, I am feeling better, 100%, no worries.  The sickness only lasted like 5 days. Anyways, here´s an update that I sent to dad:
For me, this week was a little bit slow, I got over my sickness at the beginning of the week, but my companion got worse during the week, and so a couple of days we hardly went out and worked. But I have had some extra time to sleep and get some rest that my body has needed, as well as extra time to study. I have had some cool experiences this week during my study time, and I feel more close to the Savior and I feel like I can feel His love more than I could before as I devoted a little more time to my study of my purpose as a missionary.
Things are going pretty well here. yesterday at church, we had an investigator come who seems like she really wants to change her life, which is super cool. We also had a less active girl come, whose brother we are teaching and hoping that we can baptize him soon. He wants too, we just have to work with the parents right now. I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday about faith, and after I sat down I realized that I talked for like 10 to 15 minutes without any problems and without any fear or worries about my spanish. I don´t feel nervous to speak in front of people anymore, it´s weird, because that used to be a big problem for me..
Anyways, thanks for the update mom, I appreciate that you take the time to write to me what´s going on in everyone´s lives. It sounds like everyone is well and changing into summer mode well.
This week is changes week, but I doubt that we´ll have anything change much here.
Elder Ward

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 3, 2013

This week has been pretty good.. I´ve been feeling pretty sick though... I´ve had a stomachache for the last 2 weeks and this last week I´ve had a cold and a couple days ago I got this really annoying headache. All 4 of the elders here in Yuscaran are sick right now... So saturday night and sunday we didn´t go out and work. I've been trying to rest, because I think that that was probably the original problem was that I was walking a lot farther every day, not getting as much sleep and starting to excercize, as well as that I´m not cooking my own food anymore and just have to eat what the other elders are buying...
But I´m trying to rest and recooperate and get better.. I´ve slept a lot these last few days, so hopefully my body can have more energy to go do stuff..
We had a baptism this last week, for an 8 year old girl. She randomly decided to get baptized when we invited her again this saturday. We had a cleaning activity at the church, and we asked her if she wanted to get baptized and showed her the baptismal clothes that we had for her, and her family helped convince her to do it. She is the daughter of the elder´s quorum president, and we took her up in the woods in this little stream to baptize her in this little pool that we formed like a month ago. It was a nice little baptismal service, just her family and us 4 elders in the woods..
I´ll see if I can get the pictures from my companions camera, I didn´t bring my camera to it.
That´s about all for now. Things are going good, even if I am sick, we are working and having success.
Elder Ward

I do like my companion. He and I get along really well.
The weather is good, its always warm, sometimes a little too warm. Its started to rain a lot here though. This last week its rained almost every day, so I´ve been getting a little bit wet some days. One day we had a huge rain storm, where we weren´t prepared with umbrellas or flashlights, and it rained a ton and the power went out at night, and we still had to cross almost our entire area to get back home in the pitch black. Luckily the other elders came to drop some members off in our area, so we got under their umbrellas, and we all used one flashlight to get back, fun times... The power goes out here all the time, its kind of crazy. At first it was fun, but now it´s just annoying.
We don´t have bikes or cars, nor will I in my mission. I always walk, sometimes we take the bus for big meetings or stuff like that.
We can only read church stuff on the mission. Why? Do you have a good book to recommend?
Elder Ward

Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 27, 2013

Hey everyone!

This week went by fast! We had a zone conference and I went on divisions (companion exchanges) twice...
But it´s been a good week. We´ve continued teaching and finding new people to teach. We have a lot of investigators right now, they all just need to come to church and then get baptized and we´ll be set. :P
I realized that last week I sent pictures without giving a description of any of them... oops. So the pictures of last week were: first one with me and my first convert, the one with the ´sexy and I know it´ shirt. The other people was his family (his brother and his nephew and niece...?) The other is of my zone right now. And the picture of cereal is too show that I was so excited to find cereal directly imported from the states one day, that I bought a huge box of Reese´s puffs. They are super tasty, but they were a tiny bit expensive...

Today´s pictures are of the culture in honduras.. Well, a little bit. One´s a picture of an investigator and his 2 year old son on a donkey. 

The other is a little family that is probably the most active family of our branch. The girl in pink is super cute, and funny in my primary class.

This week I got to try a new food that I hadn´t had before: cow tongue. Yeah, it was a little bit weird. We normally cook together with the other 2 elders from our area that live like a block away from us, so one of the elders from mexico offered to make us cow tongue soup. So he bought everything and made it for us. It was a green soup that was spicy, and had chunks of this meat, but it was super rubbery and you couldn´t really chew it... you just had to swallow it after chewing for awhile... But it was alright I guess... I ate it all. I also made chimichangas this week for the other elders, with some fried rice that I made, and that turned out pretty well, but it was super spicy, because I had this same elder from mexico make the salsa that I used to cook the meat, and he made it super spicy with like jalepeƱos and stuff. But it was good.

We had the annual Mango Festival here this weekend, but it was mostly just a whole bunch of noise and selling stuff in the park right next to our house.. They had a parade that we watched from the balcony of the church, but it wasn´t too exciting. All through the week  there were a lot of people buying guaro (a cheap, horrible smelling alcohol), so there were a bunch of drunk people too. But we got to try some different foods that they were selling and stuff, so that was good.

That´s about it for this week...

I love you all and hope that you´re all doing well!

Elder Ward