Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Fun!

These are pictures from the Christmas party this week. One when we were in the temple, and one at the church, at lunchtime

Christmas Decorations!

Christmas decorations! We found some christmas stuff that was left in the apartment from other missionaries, over the years, so we put up a tree, and some lights, and like snowflakes all around the apartment. well, mostly just my companion... I just sat there and studied, while he decorated and called me a scrooge for not wanting to help. 

More Apartment Pictures

Bedroom, and main room shots

Apartment Pictures

Apartment pictures
One with my desk, and how I normally study in the mornings... With PANCAKES!!
the other is just a general view, as we walk in the front door

Zone Pictures

Here are some pictures of my zone.

Zone Leader & Companion

One picture is me with my ZL, the other with my companion, at a hill overlooking the temple. this was about a month ago. my hair was really long with the wind, so in some of these pictures I have weird hair. (My hair is short now, which is good)

Tie and Temple

Here´s some pictures.
One is of the tie that I´m going to give to Ben, because it has turtles and is pink.
The other picture is of the temple on one of our temple trips.