Monday, January 28, 2013

Jan. 28, 2013

Umm, to start answering some questions:
It isn´t cold anymore, but I never found a blanket, I didn´t go out to any stores looking for one though...
I can understand my mission president fine now. Spanish isn´t super hard for me to understand. Especially if we talk about gospel things. My mission president actually complimented me on my spanish, and told me that I talk Spanish really well for how much time I have.
He did not give me advice if I get mugged, but I´m really not too worried about that. I don´t carry anything valuable except for my scriptures, and have a little spare change to give to theives if I had to. I´m not worried about getting mugged in the area that I´m in right now, and I´m not even ever worried about it. 
I think that we probably have a ward budget here, but it would probably be lower here, and possibly based on how much people pay their tithing here. I don´t know for sure how that all works out.
I don´t know why this lady has gravel in her house. It´s just going to be stored there for a little while while they do some construction above her house.
And no, my back didn´t hurt afterwards, but I did get all dirty and sweaty.
Teaching the gospel is good. It is hard to tell if people let us in just because they feel obligated to, because they think that they´ll be cursed if they deny the preaching of the gospel in their homes, or if they actually want to learn and change their lives.
This week has been good. Nothing else super exciting.
I hope that everything has gone well there!
Elder Ward