Thursday, May 2, 2013

April 29, 2013

What Dominican Republic Mission is Michelle going to? I have a friend from my ward here that just got his call there, and I wonder if they´ll be in the same mission...
I haven´t made any of the food mixes yet. And you can´t really buy them at the stores. There are a few soup mixes here that I´ve used, but not other types of mixes. For the last couple of weeks I haven´t bought much food from the store because I´ve been trying to eat all of the food that has been collecting up in my house to get rid of it all before changes this week so that I don´t have to haul all of that food to my new area..
I do like the alfredo sauce mix though, I made that the last time you sent me them and me and my companion both liked that a lot.
We have a few investigators right now.. But not a ton.
The kid that we baptized and his dad invited us over to watch a church movie on saturday, and they ordered pizza for us, which was super tasty.  When his dad found out that I am leaving he invited us over again tonight to have donuts and a FHE. So that should be good. I like that family. I have also visited a few other member families that know that I´m going to leave, and they all are super nice and have said how much they´ve apreciated me helping them. It´s kind of interesting to see how I´ve helped some of the people in the ward, and that they´re grateful for our visits and friendships.
I´m pretty sure that I´m going to leave this wednesday, so that should be good. I´ll let you know about all of the changes next week...
I hope that all is going well there,
Elder Ward