Friday, July 19, 2013

July 15, 2013

Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday, it was a good birthday, although nothing really exciting happened. Well, church was good. Our convert from a few weeks ago gave a talk in church about faith that she was nervous about, but we helped her prepare for it, and she did a really good job. We also had the confirmation for the son of the lady we've been teaching. They were both supposed to get baptized this week, but she didn´t pass the baptismal interview yet, but her son still wanted to get baptized this week. I imagine that she´ll get baptized later on in this month. The baptism went well though. We had interviews with the Mission President this week, which went well. Its rained a couple of times... Idk. That´s all the news that I have, its not that I don´t have time to email, life´s just pretty much the same all the time here. Yesterday we went house hunting for a family in the branch that had to leave their house (their landlord insisted they leave today), so we went and searched all over yuscaran for houses for this family. It was really hot this week. I don´t know what else to write. Nothing much happened.
I guess I´ll answer some questions:
We haven´t taught a ton this week, it´s been busy with other stuff, we´ve barely had time to visit the investigators and recent converts and members that we have to help right now that we haven´t had any time for a long time to look for new investigators. Our area is farther away from the church, we actually live in the other elders´ area and we have to walk like 10 minutes to get into our area, and another 10 minutes to visit the nearest member or investigator in our area. We walk quite a bit on this little dirt road all the time. For little stuff, we´ll buy from the little stores that people have in their houses called pulperias. If we need something like specific, we´ll go to tegus to a supermarket. I don´t think that there are any more festivals until independence day in september.
Here´s some pictures of the baptism. And a pic of me on a bridge in our area.