Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

My life really isn´t all that exciting and there´s not much to say.. We do the same thing all day every day, except for when we have to go to meetings or go with other missionaries to do interviews or divisions. But  I'm happy, well, and safe, no worries. I am enjoying being a missionary, and of course I´m glad that I´m here. I am learning plenty and working hard. It´s just hard expressing what happens typing and I´m not the most talkative person either. Idk... :p 
Well, this week has been pretty good, another trip to Tegus for another meeting that took up a couple of days of our week. We finally got a hold of an investigator that has been to church 3 times by himself, just because a friend invited him and so we`ve been over to try to teach many times buy he was never there until this week when we found him this week and we taught him and he said he wanted to be baptized. So we have a baptismal date for him this saturday, we just need to make sure that we can find him during the week to teach him everything he needs to know. That´s pretty cool though. We also have a few other positive references from some members, so we´re starting to work a lot more with them now.
Other than that, we´ve been doing about the same, things are good here, but there´s not much to report. Today for Pday we played dodgeball with our zone and another one. It was fun, but not everyone wanted to play, so we also put on wreck it ralph, which was a good movie to watch. I liked it. That´s basically what we did this week.
Hope that everything is going well for everyone. I love you all!
Elder Ward

The biggest holiday here is a weeklong holiday during the hottest time of the year, the holy week (la semana santa in espaƱol). It´s like the first week of april, where its super hot and everyone has work off, and everyone goes to the beach to cool down. Everyone eats mangos and is happy. Except for the missionaries, who regardless have to keep working even though everyone´s gone visiting family or at the beach, and the missionaries hang out walking around in the streets in the over 100 degree weather wishing they were dead. That´s one big holiday here.
Have you been wasting all your time playing blob wars now? I kind of miss wasting time, it sounds fun to just sit down and play videogames or watch movies. I kind of miss that. But it´s good to be useful and stay working too.
No, I don´t really go to the temple often, I´ve only been 3 times in my mission, plus the few times I went for the open house.
Elder ward