Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

avocados are my favorite now, because they taste super good. There´s no better reason than that, right?
My area just got split up into 3 areas this week. I´ll share an excerpt from the email that I sent to dad:
Transfers are every 6 week, and always on a wednesday. I didn´t leave this change. I thought that I might. I´ve already been here for almost 6 months, but I guess that I´ll be here a little bit longer. We have an area right next to ours that´s called Hibueras that just opened up again, but the elders coming in didn´t have a house to go to to live. So they had to come live in our house for a little while while they tried to find a place to live in their area. So we brought them back, and showed them around their area and introduced them to a couple of the members that we knew there. We also had to give up one of our most positive investigators that lives there in Hibueras. But they lived in our house for like 4 days. they found a place and left saturday. It was super crowded in our house for a little while. We had all of the stuff that they were going to have from the mission there too, so we put down their new mattresses on our main room floor for them to sleep. It was a little annoying for a little bit not having any space, and the worst part was trying to plan showering with 4 people when we have to boil water for each one, but we got it figured out. But that was our adventure for this week. We are also starting out with a new zone and a few new areas have opened up in this zone, so we have a few new people, but a lot of the elders here are still the same.
Other than that, nothing too new or exciting is going on. We´re just continuing working, like always.
I thought that it was weird that Ben used to have to wear suit coats all the time. That would be awful here in Honduras. These last few weeks have been super hot. This week that´s starting will be the hottest week of the year here in Honduras. It is called the ¨Semana Santa¨ or the Holy Week, in English. But almost everyone will have work off this week, and can go and visit family or whatever. But it has been super hot recently, and my body just loves sweating and sweating and sweating, all day every day. But it´s alright. I´m used to it by now.
That´s about all that I can think of for this week. I hope that you´re all doing well!
Elder Ward