Monday, January 7, 2013

Jan. 7, 2013

This week has been good, we´ve been busy this week working with some new investigators. We have 3 families that we have challenged to be baptized and have accepted, but we will still have to work with them for awhile before they are ready, but things have been going good. We have people to teach now, and before we didn´t have a lot of people.
It was good to see Ben´s pictures, his apartment is big! But I guess that he also has 4 Elders living there too. I´m jealous that he has a microwave...
I don´t really know why they burn wooden people. I actually didn´t see any of it, because we went to bed too early. We did see plenty of fireworks though. We were with a member family eating dinner New Years Eve when they lit off a huge firework bomb that I guarantee would be illegal anywhere in the states. It was loud and the explosion was big. Fireworks are big here. There have also been a lot of drunk guys for the holiday season. We´ve talked to a few of them this week.
I hope that you´re all doing well!
Elder Ward