Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Actually, sleeping in a hammock gets more and more comfortable the more you do it, the first time I slept on a hammock, it was a little uncomfortable, but now, it´s the only way to stay cool at night. It´s getting hot out here, in 2 weeks it will be the hottest week of the year here. I´m not too excited for that.
Well, next week we may switch houses. We found a house right next to where we´re living right now that looks nice, and we want to move there and let the other missionaries move right into our current house so that they can live in their area, and we can both have nicer houses. We´ll see how it goes though. Tomorrow morning we will go look at the new house, but if we like it we´ll probably move as soon as possible.
Right now we don´t have a ton of positive investigators, we will have to get looking for new ones. We´re getting a little bit more help from the members that live in our area, so hopefully we can find new investigators with their help.
Well, that´s all the news I have for this week.

Elder Ward