Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 29, 2013

This week we had changes (exchanges). My companion left, which was sad because we got along really well and were working hard together. My new companion is from Guatemala and has 6 months in the mission. He is the 3rd companion that I´ve had from Guatemala, and all 3 of them came to Honduras the same day, crazy right? I guess that I´m just always supposed to work with Guatemalans with 6 months less than me, haha. He is 18 years old and seems pretty chill. The elder who was branch president left, and now we have a new elder here in the area who´s from California, just barely starting out. So we have 3 gringos here and we´re going to teach my companion a lot of english, while we teach the new elder spanish. It´s been confusing trying to teach both of them, because the elder and I, who have been here for a few changes have been trying to teach them both how to do things in the branch and here in a new area, but we have to say it once in english and once in spanish and sometimes we get confused to switch between the two.
We had a wedding here in the church on Thursday for some members from a different part of honduras, and we had to help for preparations for that. We also had to explain to the new elders here how stuff works here in the branch. We visited a lot of members during this week. We´ve been working a lot more with the branch and we made visits to a lot of the less active members on Saturday to introduce the new ones and to invite them to come back to church.Yesterday we had the confirmation of the guy we baptized last week, which was cool.
That´s been my week, basically. This next week I hit my 1 year mark, crazy!!
Love you all!
Elder Ward