Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 27, 2013

Hey everyone!

This week went by fast! We had a zone conference and I went on divisions (companion exchanges) twice...
But it´s been a good week. We´ve continued teaching and finding new people to teach. We have a lot of investigators right now, they all just need to come to church and then get baptized and we´ll be set. :P
I realized that last week I sent pictures without giving a description of any of them... oops. So the pictures of last week were: first one with me and my first convert, the one with the ´sexy and I know it´ shirt. The other people was his family (his brother and his nephew and niece...?) The other is of my zone right now. And the picture of cereal is too show that I was so excited to find cereal directly imported from the states one day, that I bought a huge box of Reese´s puffs. They are super tasty, but they were a tiny bit expensive...

Today´s pictures are of the culture in honduras.. Well, a little bit. One´s a picture of an investigator and his 2 year old son on a donkey. 

The other is a little family that is probably the most active family of our branch. The girl in pink is super cute, and funny in my primary class.

This week I got to try a new food that I hadn´t had before: cow tongue. Yeah, it was a little bit weird. We normally cook together with the other 2 elders from our area that live like a block away from us, so one of the elders from mexico offered to make us cow tongue soup. So he bought everything and made it for us. It was a green soup that was spicy, and had chunks of this meat, but it was super rubbery and you couldn´t really chew it... you just had to swallow it after chewing for awhile... But it was alright I guess... I ate it all. I also made chimichangas this week for the other elders, with some fried rice that I made, and that turned out pretty well, but it was super spicy, because I had this same elder from mexico make the salsa that I used to cook the meat, and he made it super spicy with like jalepeños and stuff. But it was good.

We had the annual Mango Festival here this weekend, but it was mostly just a whole bunch of noise and selling stuff in the park right next to our house.. They had a parade that we watched from the balcony of the church, but it wasn´t too exciting. All through the week  there were a lot of people buying guaro (a cheap, horrible smelling alcohol), so there were a bunch of drunk people too. But we got to try some different foods that they were selling and stuff, so that was good.

That´s about it for this week...

I love you all and hope that you´re all doing well!

Elder Ward

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