Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oct. 15

I have not heard of James´ call! He better write me if he hasn´t already, although it is possible that it´s still coming, especially if it isn´t a dear elder. I sent him a letter to your house that I want you to give to him when you see him next. I wrote it last monday, but I sent it Thursday. All of the mail goes through the mission office, and then it jumps back and forth through the zone leaders and district leaders, and a whole bunch of random people just try and get their right mail from the mail pouch that bounces around in each zone, so it´s possible that it is here and just bouncing around. Most of the time I will only get mail when I see the zone leaders, which is normally only Mondays and Thursdays, so those are also the days that I can send out mail. So normally I write mail monday, and send it Thursday. I did get a letter from Quinn today, so my address should be right, and eventually I will get the mail, hopefully. 
I do have a lot of stuff here, and I probably could have bought a lot of it here, but it´s okay, we don´t have a ton of time to go shopping, a lot of my Pdays are spent playing soccer with the zone, and then with emailing too...
This week has been good, not too different than last week. We went to church this week, and our church has like 3 buildings in the fenced enclosure. 1 building is for Sacrament Meeting, another is for the baptismal font/bathrooms, and the other is for the general meetings. Church was nice though, even though it was hard to understand anything in Spanish. Also, we went to the next class, and my companion told me that we were teaching! So we found some scriptures really fast, and got a small lesson ready, and it went pretty well, I think. So that was good.
We got to go to some of the higher parts of the hill of our area, which we had to hike to get up to, which was good. I enjoyed the hiking.

Elder Ward

(from a letter to Arissa)

Honduras is good, I like it a lot! It is very different, but it is very interesting. My area is on a big hill, and we do a lot of walking up and down the hill on dirt roads. We´ve been to a couple of the farther parts of area, at the top of the hill, which we´ve had to do little hikes to get up to them. It has been nice to go on these mini hikes, because I have missed hiking. It was a little tough to go up, hiking all dressed up, with a shoulder bag full of books, but today (p-day), we went up to the top of the hill to play soccer, with the other elders in our zone, so we got to go on that hike in normal clothes. And on the way down, I jumped down all the rocks, just going a little bit crazy, how I normally do, so that was good. Soccer is the only thing that anybody talks about here. It´s huge. So we will probably be playing it a lot, which is good, even if I´m not very good at it right now. My Spanish is doing alright, I can understand most of the conversations we have about the gospel, but I still have plenty more to learn, but I´m not too worried about learning Spanish, it will be cool when I can talk perfectly with the people here. There is not a time difference right now, because we don´t have daylight savings time here, which I wish that we did, because I wake up before 6 every morning because it is too bright in my room before even my alarm clock goes off, and then it gets dark at like 5-6 in the afternoon, so we have to work in the dark until 9. And then I can´t fall asleep because the dogs here go crazy barking at night. Mostly just one dog thats nearby, that I hate. But other than that, it´s good.

Hope that all´s good!
Elder Ward 

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