Saturday, November 3, 2012


I like the view from the laundry room, so I took some pictures of Teguz from the room, which I will include in the next email. In Honduras, we don´t get washers, or dryers, we get to go outside, and use the pila, which is a tub of water that you get from either rain water from the gutters to fill it, or bring your own water from buckets. So what you do to wash clothes, is you soak them for a few minutes, then pull them out and scrub  them with soap and your hands to clean them, and rinse them off, and hang them up do dry for the rest of the day. Each piece of clothing takes 5-10 minutes to clean, and the scrubbing hurts your fingers a little bit, but my clothes have never looked so clean. :) I only got through like 10 shirts this week, I´ll have to finish the rest of my laundry later... But that´s the process, unless I hire a cleaning lady to do it for me, which I might eventually have to, I don´t have enough time to do all my laundry in a week.  Sent October 8, 2012

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