Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dec. 10, 2012

Dear Mom,
I don´t have much time to talk today again, sorry...
I was going to get pictures sent today, but I think that the computers that we are using here at the internet café are all locked from using a file explorer to upload pictures, so I will have to wait until another P day so that I can send them from the church computers.
The temple is not in my mission, but we just went a few weeks ago. We heard the announcement this week for when the open house and dedication for the temple will be! The open house will be from Feburary 4 to March 2, and the dedication will be the 17th of March.
I did not see the Christmas devocional, we just worked that day.
This week we had an activity, a family home evening activity thing, at the Mission President´s house. We brought 2 investigators and a recent convert. It worked out really nicely because one investigator is on crutches, and can barely walk with them, but the other is a taxi driver, so we got a driver to drive all the way up the dirt hill to this guy´s house who couldn´t walk, and didn´t have to pay like a bajillion lempiras to get there and back. So that was good, and the activity went well, we watched the Restoration video and the President and his wife talked for a little while, and then we had donuts and went home. So that was a good activity and turned out well.
Other than that, we have still been trying to find new people to teach, we don´t have many investigators right now. Changes are next week, and there is a good chance that I will get a new companion, but stay in the same area. I don´t know if that would be good or bad right now, I know that we are getting a lot of new missionaries coming in in the next couple of changes. We are getting about 50 more missionaries in our mission than we would normally have, so there will be some new areas opening up, and a lot of people will be training. I hope that I won´t get called to train yet, but I have heard that the mission president likes to do that to the new Elders who are right out of training... We will see what happens there.
Thank you for sending my backpack. Also, I got a package from Grandma and Grandpa Beecher this week with socks in it, which was good! Please thank them for me for that!
Also, my companion got a package this week, which had all of his Christmas stuff in it, and his mom also sent presents addressed to his companion, which was random, but super nice of her. So I got 2 new ties, and some candy and stuff.
Anyways, thats whats happening recently!
Elder Ward

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