Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 1, 2013

I´ve used a lot of time with pictures, so I´ll just be able to paste a little of what I wrote to mishelae:
We were using internet in a cyber café last monday when the power died because of the crazy rain/lightning storm we had. First the internet went out and I was trying to get the email that I wrote to averi to send, but it wouldn´t let me. Then the whole room with all of the computers just went dark because the power went out. We had this crazy and unexpected rainstorm hit. Everyone in Centro (the main shopping place) was hiding in all of the buildings because the rain was coming down really hard, and the streets were all flooding too. We still left in this crazy rain storm, and everyone looked at us really weird when we told them that we were going to go out in the storm. But we just covered all of the stuff in our backpacks (we always carry extra plastic bags, just in case) and ran out through the empty streets of Centro just around the corner to the grocery store where we were going to buy food. There was a wall of people lined up at the doors, and the store was packed with people escaping the rain, so we didn´t end up going shopping then. We already got drenched just running around the corner, so we just gave up and continued running through the streets for like 15 minutes before we found an empty taxi. So that was a little adventurous. The power outage was a lot of the city, including our area, so we couldn´t work when we got back to our area monday night, because there weren´t any street lamps on, so everywhere becomes a lot more dangerous. So we went home and studied in the candlelight. The power didn´t come back until after we went to bed, so it lasted for over 6 hours I think. Normally in the city that doesn´t happen. In the south, that will probably happen like every other day. But it was kind of fun to use candles to study that night, and look over the city in almost complete darkness.
So that was kind of fun.
We are getting ready for general conference this next week, I still have to finish the BofM in spanish before this weekend for my goal. We might have another baptism soon.
Elder Ward

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