Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

My favorite part of the mission is sleeping. Jk, when people understand the importance of what we are teaching.
Everyone´s reaction to the gospel is different. Some people let us in just to talk, some don´t want to reject ´the good word´. Some people have already talked to missionaries before.
Some people say that they don´t want to talk to us, but you can´t really slam a Honduran door, it would just break in half. That´s a joke, some honduran doors are sturdy.
The food is good. I like whatever type of food now here, and my stomach normally gets along with me now.
We normally have beans, rice, platano, eggs, tortilla, cheese, and maybe a tomatoe or avocado or something like that if the person is feeling fancy. That´s if we eat with someone like members or something like that. If we eat at home, I will cook myself something simple. A sandwich, ramen, soup, veggetables, spaghetti, baleadas, eggs, or something like that.
I don´t know what´s hard or easy. And I don´t really know my least favorite part. Sometimes its hard to work with a companion and having to figure everything out with someone else. Especially if your companion has attitude or has other stuff that he wants to do.
Well, it wasn´t my machete, I just borrowed it from a neighbor, but basically everyone has one here. I don´t think that I could bring one home in my suitcase, so I probably won´t buy myself one..
And it would be too hard to try to mail.
I didn´t see any bugs in this jungle. Just little lizards. But I didn´t kill any.
I just have to remind you of silly things that you need to avoid doing in your life, like toasting popcorn.
How´s Reggie?
Elder Ward

Yeah, the water for our baptism was gross. We still don´t have any water at our church building, so the other elders had their baptism at a different church building.
I hadn´t heard about the change in the rule letting the missionaries email other people. I´m not really sure of what the rule is. I have only emailed my immediate family my whole mission. I would imagine that now it would be okay for me to email anyone too, but I don´t really have much time to email people.
This week we did divisions (companion exchanges) with our ZL´s. I went up with the ZL that I´ve somehow had all 5 changes of my mission, which is rare to have the same ZL that long. We went up to his area, which is the new area that opened up that used to be a part of my area. So I already knew a lot of the area, and got to show him a couple of the parts that I knew, and some of the people I had visited when I had worked there in the past. It was a pretty good day of working. (I also got the little white package from you with the candies and food mixes, thank you ;) ) When I got back, I found out that the other ZL, that I hardly know, had seen my old beat up shoes with a huge hole in one, and took the initiative to do me a service and repair them and clean and shine them while I was gone. I definitely didn´t expect that when I got home, and I thought a lot about his service, and why he wanted to help me out, even though I barely know him that well. I was definitely grateful and told him thank you.
So I can work with these shoes again. They´re not in perfect condition, but they look and work a ton better now.
We´ve met a few new people this week that we´re going to keep teaching. That´s good too because we haven´t had many investigators recently.
I made chimichangas this week for the first time in my mission (finally). They turned out well. I fried the meat one day, and then bought tortillas, and cheese, and refried beans a couple days later to make them. They turned out well. I have pictures too that I could send of them.
We went to Picacho today, a tourist attraction that people go to here, and I took some pretty cool pictures that I´ll send too.
That´s about it for now.
Elder Ward

 Pictures of me over the valley of Tegucigalpa.

This is a famous statue that you can see from almost anywhere in Tegucigalpa. The Christ of Picacho. It´s pretty big.

The giant Coca Cola sign on our hill. It´s taking a long time to upload the pictures. Maybe I´ll send more next week...

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