Sunday, May 5, 2013

April 29, 2013 Pictures

Cooking party‏

Well, I don´t actually know if it counts as a party if I was the only one there. I offered to make chimichangas for my companion, but he refused them! I was a little bit offended, not going to lie...
But that left more for me!
Chimichanga party!!
I finally gathered all of the ingredients and made them. Here´s some pictures.

The first one is a picture of boiling cheese. I don´t think that you have seen or made boiling cheese before, but I boiled my cheese in manteca (basically just buttery goop - vegetable shortening) and then added the cheese to my bean mixture to add to the tortilla and meat. It ended up pretty good. I´m getting a lot better at cooking now. :)

 Heres a couple of photos. I don´t know if you got the one with me on the rock last week or not, the email was a little weird last week.

The other picture is when I went on divisions this last week with an Elder from Guatemala.

Food, glorious food!
I don´t know if I already sent this first picture.
I´m getting better at making food. The picture at my desk is fried rice that I made with carrots and chicken. It was delicious, but a little greasy. Most of the time I don´t cook this fancy, but occasionally...

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