Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22, 2013

(I included part of my letter to him so you could understand his responses.)

Elder Ward,

What does the mission president ask you about in the interviews? Does he teach you things or does he just ask you questions?

Did you get your package yet?  Missionary Mall replaced your umbrella for free after I showed them the pictures you sent of the umbrella, so thank you!

I didn't realize your church/apartment wasn't in your area.

Thank you for the pictures! Are you still teaching Primary? If so, how is that going?


The mission president mostly just asks a couple of questions for interviews.
I haven´t gotten my package yet, but they don´t normally send mail the last couple weeks before transfers. I´ll probably be able to pick it up during changes this wednesday.
Yes, I am still teaching primary. It´s going well, I´ve gotten better at it, but I have to prepare more than I was doing before. This week, I bought a lot of new crayons and colored pencils for the kids to draw. We had a whole bunch of broken and tiny crayons and colored pencils before. I also prepared a puzzle out of a picture of the savior as the good shepherd and we had a lesson about shepherds and sheep. It was good, and I showed the story on the whiteboard and let the kids draw sheep and put together the puzzle and stuff like that, so they seemed to like it.
My week hasn´t been super exciting, but it´s been busy. My weeks been kind of crazy, scrambled, all over the place. We have had to do a lot for the branch this week. But we had a baptism this week too! That was cool, but he didn´t come to church to get confirmed. :( But next week he will come. This next week we have transfers, and we will have some big changes here in the area. I´m pretty sure that my companion will be leaving, but we´ll see what happens.
So that´s what´s happening right now. Thank you for telling me about everything that´s been going on.

Elder Ward

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