Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 18, 2013

Hey, I got my Christmas package this week! Thanks so much for putting that all together and getting it here early. Last year I stuck with the schedule pretty well and opened 1 envelop each day, but this year I was a little more impatient and I already read all of the letters from the family and ward members. It was nice to read so many notes from so many people who I haven´t heard from in a while. I can´t promise that I´ll have time to respond to each of them anytime soon though...
Well, we got really close to having a baptism this week. It was going to be for a 10 year old kid who we´ve been teaching for a little while. We taught him and he had his baptismal interview and passed and everything and we set the date for yesterday after church, but we went over in the morning and he left to go somewhere else when we went to bring him to church and his mom said that she wouldn´t give him permission to be baptized or sign the baptismal paper form thing (i dont remember how to say that in english anymore), so we lost our baptism for this month.. So that was sad that he was ready but at the end he couldn´t. Church was a little bit better this week, we had 17 people come, but most of our teachers didn´t come and so I had to kind of make up a sunday school lesson right on the spot... and a sacrament meeting talk. But they both went well-ish. We also had a member of the mission presidency come to our sacrament meeting to finish a temple recommend interview for one of our members who is going to get married in the temple, so we gave out the first full use temple recommend in all of the members in yuscaran. So that´s momentuous I guess. (i don´t think that´s a real word but I´ll leave it).
This weekend will be weird. The election stuff this year is getting pretty crazy. Here in yuscaran not so much, just a whole bunch of advertising and campaigning which is loud and annoying, being as we live right in front of central park.. So, this weekend, we have strict orders not to leave our houses for all of sat, sun, and monday, not even to go across the street to the pulperia to buy food or anything. So that will be weird. So, they may change pday to tuesday or wednesday next week, so if I don´t write exactly on time, it doesn´t mean that I´m dead from the crazy electionist peoples, it just means that I´ll get on later in the week.
Well, I think that´s about it.. I bought frosting today and I already have a cake mix so we´re going to make a delicious cake this week, because I doubt that we´ll have an oven in my next area. I´ll miss the other Elders´ kitchen when I leave.
Changes are on the 27th btw, so I´ll either know next week or the week after where I´m headed.
That´s about it. Don´t worry about the elections or anything. I´ll follow the rules and be safe. I´m in the chillaxist little village in honduras, nothing´s going to happen here.
Elder Ward

from Mom:

Hey!!! <:<‏  

You were not supposed to open your Christmas early!  Now what will you do for Christmas?

from Elder Ward:

Hey! I only opened the letters! and a couple of the presents that sounded like candy when I shook them. the Tic tac present was too obvious, and I had to have good breath for my investigators, so I opened it.. but I still have the rest for christmas. I just had to hide the package to avoid opening everything. ;)

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