Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 5, 2013

Dear family and friends,
Yesterday for Pday we went to a tourist place between where I am and Tegus in the mountains called Valle de Angeles to hang out and buy some stuff. It had a lot of little shops and stuff for tourism. There were lots of other gringos there too, it was kind of weird.
Here´s some pictures of us in the shops seeing some of the stuff there. The pic with us eating ice cream is me and my companion. They had a whole bunch of weird flavors of ice cream, like cookies and cream, and the one I tried: avocado. It was surprisingly really really good. Everything was expensive there, so I didn´t buy much.

We got back really late last night from valle de angeles, so I didn´t have time to write yesterday.


For Halloween, we passed by a cemetery at night in our area. We had to come back to our houses early though on that day, because it´s witch day here, they don´t celebrate, they just have weird superstitions. We went home earlier and one elder bought a bunch of candy and we watched a church movie about Gordon B Hinckley. That´s about it.
It is nice to work with just church stuff. Yeah you can feel the spirit a lot working in the Lord´s work, but it isn´t something that´s always there, you still have to look for the spirit and live right so that you can have the spirit and guidance of the Lord.
Yes,  I like being on a mission. Yes, I like being out somewhere else, outside of the US.
Elder Ward

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