Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 6, 2014

That´s good that your trip to Mexico went well and that you were all safe. 
Things here are about the same. as always. we´re working hard, but it´s not easy to bring our investigators to church every week. nobody wants to go because it is so far away. This is probably my last week with my companion, which is sad. Changes are this wednesday, and we´ll see if we have big changes with the zone and stuff.
I´ve been on divisions a few times this week and been away from my area for a bit, but it´s been good. New years there were a lot of celebrations and they lit of a ton of fireworks. They sell big dangerous fireworks really cheap here, so new years day was loud, but it was cool.
That´s probably about it for this week, but here´s some pics.
Elder Ward

(to Averianne)
well, things here in honduras go well. This morning we went and played baseball with our zone, which was alright. I also jumped off of a roof that I climbed onto, I keep wanting to do more parkour stuff already, but I guess I´ll just have to focus on working out to get huge so I can do even cooler parkour later. I twisted my ankle playing football today too, and I thought that it was going to be pretty bad, but it very surprisingly got better as soon as I tried to walk on it and now I haven´t even noticed it, so that was cool.
I think that that´s about it for this week.


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