Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014

We normally don`t go anywhere new, our area is pretty small. We do sometimes meet new people, but I don`t know, it`s not anything really worth describing..
Yes, I can print out sheet music if you send some to me from email.
Well, that`s it for this week I guess, we have been busy with a meeting in Tegus and interviews with the mission president where we had to go with him to each of the missionaries houses while he did interviews and house checks. So we had a busy week again, but not with just going out and working. But we have been contacting quite a bit recently, so we should have some new investigators soon. Changes are this week, but I doubt that anything will happen with me or my companion.

Elder Ward

Things here have been alright, we were still busy this week with another trip to Tegus (no surprise there) for a meeting, we also had interviews with president and we had to acompany him to each of the missionaries houses, so that took up a whole work day, so we were down like 4 work days this week. We have lost most of our investigators now because nobody wants to get married, plus the prices here to get married just went up a lot. But we`ve been contacting a lot too, and we`ve found a few people more to teach. This week there`s changes, but I doubt that we`ll have changes here. It`s been hard here in my zone because our cell phone tower is out of service and they aren`t going to fix it any time soon, so we cant call or receive calls in half of our zone. That`s been difficult, especially when president wanted us to gather up the zone for a surprise meeting before interviews and we had to go in taxi to round up all the zone early in the morning.
Well, that`s my little bit of news for this week. Life`s good!
Elder Ward

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