Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3, 2014

Yeah, the smores was fun, no nobody had tried them before. We had chocolate left over too, so we made milk shakes with milk, bananas, chocolate bar pieces, peanut butter, and oreos. it was pretty delicious, and since we brought all the ingredients, they charged us just for the basic milk shake. Actually less, because they are members and always give us discounts when we buy stuff there. That was pretty cool.
We had zone conference this week and it was pretty good. other than that nothing much happened this last week. Tomorrow we go back up to tegus for another meeting, and we may make a chocolate cake with some members in our ward later this week too. Stay tuned. ;p
It sounds like you and dad had a good time with your hiking trip.
I guess that´s it for this week.

Elder Ward

Things are good, nothing much new, we had a zone conference this week, and president came down south to talk to us, and it went pretty good. We got locked in the church the next day when we had a meeting with the zone and I just asked some secretaries to let us into the building(i didn´t have the keys because our bishop lent them to someone else), but then later during our meeting the secretaries left and locked us in the church and we all just sat there confused for a bit. We had to call another bishop from a different ward to come help us escape, so that was a little interesting. (yes, I was considering jumping the 15 foot wall, but I only climbed to the top of it, but it has spikes on the top.
That´s cool that you and mom could get away for a little bit and go on some hikes and stuff.
What´s up with the alternator, why does it keep dying and dying all the time? Do I get the taurus when I get home??? please? haha, that´s my favorite little car ever, don´t sell it or get rid of it before I get home..
Well, that´s it for this week.

Elder Ward

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