Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

This week was pretty good, a missionary from our zone had to go home, which was sad because he was really cool. But my companion went up to Tegus for a couple of days to drop him off so he could come back with his companion, so I stayed with some Elders in my zone, actually I kind of just jumped around from area to area helping wherever I could and doing interviews for people. It was alright though. Other than that, the week was just normal.
This pday we went to the beach. We played volleyball, ran around the beach, and because the tide had washed away a lot of old houses there were lots of old cement structures left all across the beach. Needless to say, I didn´t play volleyball this morning, but I started doing parkour and some flips. For the first time in my mission I did a flip today, and it was great! I just went crazy doing a bunch of old parkour moves like front flips, superman rolls, front handsprings, cartwheels, and I may have jumped off of the 13 foot structure that you´ll see in the last picture. It was super fun though, a friend of mine in my zone also did an arial off of something like 6 ft high. It was fun and we got super sandy. I love the first picture of my front flip that looks like I´m doing a gainer.
I´ll try to send as many pictures as I can right now. I like a lot of the ones we took, I also learned how to climb a coconut tree today, but it´s pretty hard. I was surprized to find that it´s harder to climb down than it is to climb up... so I didn´t go to the top of the tree, I just climbed like 10 feet up to take a good picture. i´ll send the other pics in the next email. It was a fun pday though, but don´t worry, I´ll be careful, I won´t go out on the streets and start doing flips all over, it´s just cuz we were on the beach. I still know how to flip/tuck/land perfectly, in case any of you thought that I forgot how...
Well, that sums up this week, things went well. Next week we will not have much time to work in our area. Tomorrow, we have appointments booked from 10 in the morning til 8 at night, we´re so popular, haha. I don´t know how we ended up with so many appointments already. Wednesday we have changes, and my companion and I have to go up to Tegus and back to help out there. I also may have changes and may leave my area, or I could stay. It´s a 50/50 right now. Either way is fine, I like where I am, but we haven´t had much success recently in our area. Thursday we have to go back to tegus to get ready for our mission leadership meeting that will probably take all of friday. Then saturday and sunday we will have General Conference, which should be awesome, and we should have plenty of investigators that haven´t been able to come to church meetings on sundays be able to come for at least one of the sessions, so that should be good.
Well, that´s my week, with a sneak preview of my next week (in case anyone cares or is too anxious to wait until next week´s episode of the Great Honduran Jungle Adventure;)
Love you all!
Elder Ward

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