Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 2, 2014

We haven´t had much cool stuff happen this week... We had a meeting with the ward councel (counsil?), which was good, we got to talk about our recent converts and our investigators so that we can go out and work with our ward leaders..
That´s about it for this week, not much of an update... I´d send pictures, but all of the computers here don´t read my memory card...
Elder Ward

We´ve found some people I guess, we´re mostly just working with the people that we have. I was over in a couple of other areas this week too on divisions. We went to the temple on saturday with our investigators and my companion and I brought like 5 investigators and 3 recent converts, so it was a good activity. Things are going good right now.
Well, I have to go,
Elder Ward

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