Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Thanks for bday wishes, it`s been a good day.. No, I didn`t see a package when I went to the office today, but it might get here late.
Yes, we talked more with the Mission president this week, because we had interviews with our zone. It was good to talk with him and I learned from the interview a lot. I also talked for quite a while with his wife, which was good, she`s cool, but it`s hard for her since she doesn`t speak spanish much yet.
During the interviews the office elder in charge of my flight plans told me that the date changed to a day earlier than expected, so that is exciting..
Well, this week, other than the interviews, we went to the temple with our investigators to talk about the temples, which was good. Tomorrow our zone is going to go through the temple, which will be good. We were going to have a baptism last weekend, but in the end we didn`t get permission for him to get baptized and couldn`t really talk to his aunt very well, but hes 17 so when hes 18 he can get baptized I guess. We should have a few more baptisms this month hopefully..
Other than that, I don`t have a ton of news.. Life`s the same. We`re working hard and staying busy..

Elder Ward

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