Friday, July 4, 2014

June 30, 2014

That´s great that Elder Lewis has been getting better. A lot of people from the ward here keep asking about him and asking how he´s doing..
Yes, a lot of missionaries get mugged here, but most of the time there aren´t any serious problems. I´ll probably make it through the rest of my mission without getting robbed ;( no fun stories for me.. 
Yeah, I guess the runway in Honduras is pretty bad. Even Pres. Uchtdorf commented on it during his temple dedication talk last year. He was like ¨I´m glad that I wasn´t the one who had to make that landing¨. It does go right over a bunch of houses, but I didn´t notice it too much when we landed..
We had 7 investigators this week in church, but not all of my converts from here came, so we´ll have to go visit and see why some didn´t come.
We had changes in the zone, and we have some cool Elders that just came in, so it should be good. My companion and I stay the same though, obviously.
We´re in the middle of Tegus, we have running water, and a water heater on the shower, but there´s not always water here. There´s a member that´s really awesome that washes our clothes for us
BTW, one of our investigators says hi, we were showing them pics of our families and everyone always comments that you look very young, like you could be one of my sisters, I always have to explain who´s who and show that my good looking 18 year old self was me, but sometimes people don´t believe me, haha. We have members feed us a lot too, if not, lots of time we go out to eat to wendys or mcdonalds or the grocery store that sells like chinese rice or something.
Well, other than that info, I don´t have much more news about this week. Things are going good.
Elder Ward

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