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March 11, 2013

(this email is answers to a bunch of questions)
The spanish word for Elder is anciano, but we always use the english word elder in spanish in the LDS church. That´s the word that the BofM uses and the ¨quorum de los elderes¨ in church.
I haven´t found my ranch yet, but I need to go to the other supermarket that would probably have it.
I make rice with salt and butter and a complete seasoning that i bought that has like onion, garlic, salt, and some other spices. I have a pretty good spice set now, and I started using the toaster that´s been buried in our kitchen for awhile to make garlic bread and toast with cinnamon sugar.
Also this week, we made baleadas with some of the other elders, and we made the tortillas from scratch, which turned out well. I learned how to fry platanos, and we made some good baleadas.
Also we learned how to make dough soup from a member this week, but I´m not sure if I could duplicate it all.
A lot of people from our mission too say that they´ve already been baptized. Then we have to explain about the priesthood and stuff, but most people don´t like the thought of having to be baptized again.
You can buy meats here, but they are a lot more expensive. I hardly eat meat here. We do get fresh foods though.
I hope everythings going well.
Elder Ward

Yeah I know, I´m super excited for the dedication. It will be awesome.
Platanos, yeah you can probably fry them twice, they only fry them once here, after slicing them into thin little pieces, but I think that in other cultures they might mash them up and fry them again.
This week (yesterday) we had a soup with one of the members of the stake presidency, just my companion and I. We went up to the rich neighborhood in our area where he lives and had a seafood soup with a big old crab sitting there in the middle of my soup. I had no idea how to eat it, so I just ate everything else in the soup and left it. They didn´t seem to mind that my companion and I didn´t eat our crabs.
We also had to walk back to our house from that appointment yesterday, which is from the farthest part of our area, and we didn´t have money for a bus, because it was sunday, so we walked about an hour and a half to get back. That was a long walk.
Elder Ward

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