Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 4, 2013

Well, still nothing super exciting has happened this week. Today we went to an art museum with another couple of elders and we took some pictures there. It wasn´t huge, but it had a little tour and stuff. That´s about as new and exciting as it gets. Here´s a little bit of what I told dad today in his email:
No the new mission hasn´t been created yet, I haven´t heard much more about it recently. I have no idea how it will be decided in the end. I found on the church website a list of the new missions that will be added soon, and the Honduras San Pedro Sula West mission will open up here I guess. I didn´t know that until today. So, it might not affect me as much as I thought, since the san pedro mission is up at the top of honduras. We´ll have to wait and see.
We went one more time to the temple with one of our investigators. We went in his car because he didn't want to take the bus, and had to give a ride to one of his friends on the way... I don´t really know if he liked it or not, he didn´t act super impressed and didn´t comment on it when we asked him about it. We haven´t been able to talk to him since, so we´ll see.
The dedication is the 17th of March. We are excited about that. We´ll probably watch it in our stake center, we already have the little card to get in to see it. And I think that the monday afterwards, we are going to have a special missionary meeting with Pres. Uchtdorf and Elder Holland, so that will be cool.
We have investigators right now, but not many are progressing, so we´re going to focus on finding new people to teach. We are supposed to be getting some references to contact from the people who have filled out a little survey after going through the temple that have said that they wanted to be visited, so we´ll see if we get a lot of references there.
Things with my companion are good. We´re still working hard, but it´s kind of tough being senior companion. It´s hard to plan what to do all day every day, and to keep both of us motivated to work hard and not take unneccesary breaks.
But things are good right now. We´re trying to learn how to cook new things now. So we bought a whole bunch of new foods last week to try to cook. I bought some new spices, and a bunch of vegetables. Veggies here are actually super cheap, I didn´t think they would be. For example: I bought an avocado for 11 lempira, a cucumber for 4, an onion for 5, a whole carrot for 3, a banana for 2, (20 lempiras is $1) so things are pretty cheap to buy. I made a salad last night, and it was pretty good, except the lettuce here is a little weird. I just bought a whole head of lettuce and pealed off the leaves, but I think I´ll have to see if they have prepackaged good lettuce to use. I also am going to try to go to a different store to find some ranch dressing, cuz plain salad is kind of bland. And I finally learned how to make rice right, with flavoring and stuff, because before i just made white rice and water, and cooked it. But now I learned to make good rice. This week I think that we´re going to try to make baleadas, a Honduras specialty, as well as fry platanos, which are shaped like bananas, but taste more like potatoes, but sweeter.
Things have been good here. I hope everyone´s healthy and happy there!
Elder Ward

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