Monday, July 8, 2013

July 1, 2013

This week has been good. Nothing too exciting, but here´s my update that I sent to dad:
Yeah, the baptism was good. We aren´t teaching her family, her mom always says that she´s busy, and her kids are toddlers. But she is helping us to find references to teach. We are teaching a 16 year old girl that lives next to her, which is perfect because we can reteach the lessons to her and teach the lessons for the first time to this teenage girl. This same girl also came to my english class this week. The english class was good. We only had one this week, because no one showed up the first class. The class that we did teach, we were actually on divisions, so my zone leader was here with me, and he´s a gringo too, so he helped teach the class. We had 4 people come this week, all of them were teenagers, but we´re going to advertise a little more to have more people come. It went alright though. We taught something simple. We´ll see how it goes and if we get a group to consistently come to the class.
We´re also teaching a lady who was a Jehovah´s Witness, until she met us, that is. She is pretty positive for baptism. She already has received a testimony that the church is true, but it is hard for her to believe that there is more than just the bible, or why we need revelation in these days. But we´ve been teaching and bit by bit she´s learning. It´s pretty cool. She didn´t come to church yesterday though. None of our investigators did. That was kind of a bummer. Especially when the other pair of Elders in our area brought 20 investigators to church... haha, we had 46 people come to church this last week, a new record. The other elders are visiting this village that´s like 3 hours away walking to visit some people. There´s a huge family there that they´re teaching, and they brought 20 people of that family to church this week by renting a bus to drive them all over here and back. So that was cool.
That´s about all that´s happened recently. Nothing too crazy going on. There´s been a ton of rain lately, and thunderstorms. We had to stay with some investigators in their house for a couple hours during a big rain storm this saturday. They live super far away from where we live, like almost half an hour walking, and we were visiting them at night before we went home, and it started to rain super hard, and of course the power goes out, because any time it starts to rain the power dies here. So we chilled with them for a little bit. Then we left and had to walk back in the drizzling rain with the flashlight that I always have to carry around. My nice umbrella broke too. It was spring loaded, so all you do is push a button to open it, but one day it got stuck, so I pushed the button repeatedly and the spring exploded and half the umbrella shot out of my hand. The spring is like 3 feet long, so there´s like no way that I can put it back in, so I´ll have to invent a new way to keep it open, we´ll see.
That´s about it for now. It was a good week though.
It sounds like you all are doing well!
Elder Ward

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