Monday, July 8, 2013

June 18, 2013

[Sorry we had some problems posting to the blog, but we should be up and running again now--Tiauna.]

Sorry that I couldn´t email yesterday. I didn´t have much time yesterday, I only had the chance to get on, write to the mission president, and read all of the letters that I had in my inbox, and then we had to go to a FHE with some members, so I had to go, and respond today...
Thank you for your prayers and all of your help and care for me.
That´s cool that you met Kate at Seagull Book. She´s been working there for a long time now... She was one of my friends in my high school group. She´s in quinn, tiffany, and brianna´s ward in Lindon. She also went to Timp Academy, but was a year younger than I.
We can´t read just any LDS author book. We can only read scriptures, PMG, Jesus the Christ, and some like church manuals and things like specifically from the church.
Nothing changed here in Yuscarán for changes. Everyone stayed the same.
Things are good here, and I think that we´ll have a baptism this next Saturday. We have this super cool investigator that´s all ready. We had 32 people come to sacrament meeting yesterday! New record! Before we only had like 27 people each week. But we had 6 of our investigators come for church on sunday, it was awesome! (well, technically only 4, and 2 kids, but still)...
Things are going good here.
I hope that everything´s good there.
Elder Ward

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