Monday, September 2, 2013

August 19, 2013

Yeah, it is kind of weird that that package hasn´t gotten here yet, I asked today in the mission office, but it wasn´t there either, so we´ll see if it arrives.. What did it look like, was it big, did it have valuable stuff in it?
I haven´t taken out money from my card so far on my mission, I still have left over from the 200 that I had to have for luggage and stuff from the airport..
The vosotros form isn´t used here in central or south america, just in spain. But it also uses vosotros in the scriptures. It is supposed to be less formal when used.
So, the honeymoon was in florida in the end, not hawaii, that´s where mishelae said that they were going...
This week was good.. I wrote like 4 days ago, so not much else has happened. We went to Tegus today, and I also got a haircut, and my hairs really short now.. That´s about it, idk.
This sunday at church, we switched the schedule for church so that we had priesthood and relief society classes first, then sunday school, and then sacrament meeting last, because everyone has been coming like an hour late to church and missing sacrament... It turned out well, and we made sure that the RS and Elders quorum presidents both taught the lesson this week, which they weren´t doing before.We called our recent convert, to be the YW president. She is excited about doing that, and should do a good job. Now we just need a primary teacher... We´re working on that. A family was upset because we released the previous primary teacher, and she and her family got mad and didn´t come to church this sunday... sigh.
But we´re setting up a better organization of the church, so that it can run a little bit smoother when the elders come and go, the teachers and members will still have their own little setup and classes that the elders don´t always have to teach. That´s my goal at least, is that they can become more self sufficient spiritually, temporally would be super nice too. It´s interesting, but I´m learning a bunch..
Well, that´s it I guess this week. Tune in next time..
Elder Ward

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