Monday, September 2, 2013

August 5, 2013

Mom and Dad,
We had another baptism this week!! Yeah! Our investigator wanted to be baptized this saturday. We went to a city in our district that has a chapel built by the church and a baptismal font. It was a little expensive to pay for the transportation, but it was good. I´ll include some pictures.
Being in the branch presidency is a little crazy. Everyone here keeps asking for food or money helps that the church welfare helps out with. That´s been a power that´s been abused a ton here in this branch in the past.

This month we´re going to get to go to the temple (finally), with our zone, and maybe again with the branch if anyone comes to get a recommend. I´m excited to go again. It´s been a long time! (since september)
We´ve been doing good in the branch and we almost had 40 people come yesterday, which is pretty good.
I´ve had a lot of baptisms lately because all of the investigators that we´ve had have progressed and now almost all of them have been baptized, but we haven´t done as good of a job with finding new investigators to replace the old ones, so right now we only have 1 investigator, so this week we´ll have to start searching again.
No, I didn´t do anything for my year mark. Supposedly here you are supposed to burn a tie for 6 months, a shirt for a year, and pants for 18 months, but I haven´t burned anything and i don´t think that I will.
That´s about it for this week. Good luck with the wedding!

Elder Ward

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