Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

and dad, (so that I don´t have to repeat saying everything twice..)
Thank you again for the package. I am enjoying the music, although I think of home often when I listen to some of the songs that I´ve heard you or Mishelae play on the piano all through my childhood.
Also, I have happily found out the secret to all of my workouts before my mission, and why I had been so lazy with working out during most of my mission. It´s because I work so much harder when I have music. This week I started a new workout program, but each day I´ll listen to the music, which isn´t even like fast paced or anything, but it helps a ton. Even if it´s like Mozart or something simple, it still helps me keep track of time and get going to a rythme. So now I´ll get buff before I come home from my mission. ;p
My other umbrella didn´t have a flashlight in it. It was bigger too, and not by the same brand. idk.
We did have our baptism this week! It was a little weird, because we did it in a swimming pool by their house. This guy owns this little old swimming pool there, and we asked him if we could use it, and he said yes. it went well, but it was difficult to find a second witness for the baptism, and we were worried we would have to redo the baptism, but it all worked out at the end.
We also had the confirmation in church yesterday, so I baptized and confirmed her, and we had a baby blessing for her son. I had never participated in a baby blessing before.
We´ve been contacting a lot this week. We´ve had a little bit of success, but not too much. This next week is changes, and we´re pretty sure that the elder who is the  first counselor is going to leave this change, which will be sad, because he knows a lot more about the branch and the area than I do, so I will be the one with the most time here in Yuscarán after he leaves.
I don´t think that my companion and I will change this time, but maybe. We´ll see.
I think that that´s about it for this week. I´m glad that you got my letter. 
Here´s some pictures that we took yesterday of us,

and another picture of us studying and doing tithing in the office. It took a while to get the camera timers to go off right so we would all be in it and studying.
We had more people come to church this week, and things are going better than before now. Hopefully the changes that come this week will help us with everything that we´re working on here.
I love you,
Elder Ward

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  1. Tiauna, is that you?? This is Janeal Smith, your old backdoor neighbor from the 18th ward! My son is serving his mission in Tegucigalpa, he arrived from the Mexico MTC this morning! I googled "LDS Honduras Missionary Blogs" and this was the first one to come up. It took me about two minutes to realize that I know you. Wow, small world! I would love to chat! My email is ksmithj5@msn.con. Hope you and your family are well!