Monday, November 12, 2012

Nov. 12, 2012

Dear Mom,

I´m not sure if I got Ben´s letter... I haven´t gotten one from him in Honduras though.
I got 5 today. The one you sent from James, the Dear Elder that you sent to me came in 2 letters, your postcard from the moab trip, and one from sister himes that she wrote at a ward activity.
I haven´t found a printer yet to use, I´m still working on that...
We are not teaching any families regularly, but we have found a family that seems pretty positive, that we´ve been to twice, and we also have an investigator who is trying to stop smoking, and is working hard on that to prepare to be baptized. We fasted for him yesterday, and he joined us in that. He is progressing pretty well.
We contact in the street by going up and talking to people, and share a quick message, and invite them to church or give them a pamphlet or something like that.
The spanish is alright, but it´s hard to learn more every day. I don´t feel like I´m progressing as fast as I want to. I can understand a lot, but speaking is super hard for me.
Yes, we found a person to wash our clothes. She washes them with her washer, and returns them to us at the end of the day. We offered to pay here, but she wouldn´t let us, so we are just going to buy her like chocolate and stuff, idk yet, we´ll see.
The cheese here is just weird. There aren´t very many types that I like, and none of the cheeses are like the cheese from home, except for the cheese on Little Caesars pizzas, which is always the same, except the pizzas here are smaller, for the same price.
I haven´t heard anything about the earthquake in Guatemala.
I wrote Shalisa back today, and can probably send it on Thursday. I also got James´ card today, and replied to that. So I´ll probably send James´ to your house... 
Yup, that´s about all that I have for this week, just answers and stuff.
I hope that you are all doing good!
Elder Ward