Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

here`s the update I sent to dad this week:

I am doing well, weve been pretty busy this week doing random stuff, but we haven`t had much time to visit our investigators or teach lessons. Monday we went up to tegus and stayed the night and tuesday morning we had our mission leadership meeting. Then wednesday we travelled to a different part of honduras to get some papers for a wedding that some of the sister missionaries in our area had this week. Then thursday, we went back up to tegus to go to the temple, and that was nice. I finally got to see the new temple video and it was good. Then friday we had our zone meetinga and then we went around and did interviews for missionaries in our zone`s investigators. Then saturday we started working a little bit, but we also had to help with some of the baptisms and the wedding of the sisters. So we didn`t have a great chance to work in our area this week, but we had a couple of investigators in church yesterday. We will probably still have a baptism this week, next sunday, so that`ll be good. It is for a youth. She is pretty positive, and we`re still working with her family to get baptized. Other than that, we don`t have a ton of investigators. 

We are working with a lady that has been an investigator for a long time, but was an investigator of the other elders in our ward. We challenged her and she may want to move out instead of getting married to the guy that she`s living with. We`ll see how that goes..
Things with my companion are good. We`re working well together and we`ve stayed busy like I`ve said.
Yeah, I was on a bus way too many hours this week. Probably a whole 24 hours of bus rides. It was painful. But at least there were no chickens, I`m not sure to which movies you would be referring.
Other random thought: yesterday we ate pigs foot with some non members, that was a little gross. They also accidentally gave us tea, because they thought that iced tea was okay. we just tried a sip of iced tea mixed with pineapple juice, but then they told us so I stopped drinking it. haha. pig feet is gross though.
I guess that`s the news for this week.
I`ll send some random pics for the last few weeks, I don`t remember if I`ve already sent some or not...

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