Monday, January 21, 2013

Jan. 21, 2013

Dear Mom,
My life is too boring to write long letters, there´s nothing much to say...
Yes, your spanish was right (well, minus an accent, but it´s a lot harder if you don´t have a spanish keyboard). I wrote my last weeks email to mishelae all in spanish, and she must not have liked that, because she didn´t respond yet. :)
BTW, Happy birthday, since I forgot to wish you a happy birthday last week...
Umm, nothing too exciting has happened recently. Just normal missionary work stuffs.
This week its been really cold, colder than I´ve ever been in Honduras. We worked in our suits on Friday, and in long sleeves Saturday and yesterday. I have also had a little cold too, so that might add to it being even more cold to me. I need to buy a blanket soon, because all I have is a sheet to cover me when I sleep, which normally works, but this week, not so well, but I have been sleeping with both of my hoodies, sweatpants, and long socks.
This week has been good though. We had interviews with the mission president, and that went well, we did an activity at the church on saturday to have the members bring their non member friends to watch a video and have a lesson, but nobody brought anybody, and none of our investigators came either. But still a lot of members came, and so we switched the lesson plan up and decided to teach the members about missionary work and their responsibility to find people to share the gospel with and watched some videos and had a little lesson on that, so it turned out good. Also, after that activity, they brought pizza, which is weird for Honduras, normally they don´t have refreshments or anything that big to serve for ward activities.
Also, Saturday morning, Elder Evans and I went to do a service project for an elderly lady in our ward to help her move some things. About a week ago, we helped her move like 3 couches out of her house, and into a new house that her daughter who was living with her built right above here, and it was really tricky to get the couches out because we had to go up this beat up, moldy staircase, and we couldn´t fit the couch through the gate, so we had to pull the couch over their pila (the washing tub and washing board) and get the couches in the other house. But anyways, this saturday, she wanted us to take these big bags of gravel, that each weighed between 200 and 300 lbs down the stairs to put into her house. We couldn´t carry them down the stairs, so we lifted each bag up one by one, it took both of us to lift each bag, and then we would take it to the top of the stairs, and then we took a long board of wood to make a ramp to slide down each bag, so it ended up being easier than we thought that it would be.
Other than that, nothing much else...
We´ve dropped some investigators this week, a couple of families that weren´t progresing, so that was a little bit disappointing, but we´ve had a lot more people to teach too. We are working with a few people who look positive, and hopefully we will be having some baptisms soon.
That´s all that I can think of right now.
Elder Ward