Friday, February 14, 2014

February 10, 2014

My life is straight up just boring!! I have no idea what to say, everythings the same every single day now.
Today we played football for pday and we also played a little bit of ultimate frisbee at the church. It was pretty fun. I also played the piano for a while while we were waiting for everyone to show up, and I`m enjoying playing a lot more now. I`m learning winter wind and that`s helped my sight reading a lot, so I`ve been able to slowly read some new hymns too. I still remember the 2 hymns that are engraved into my finger`s memory: God speed the right and Choose the right. Mishelae said that you might have some sheet music for Hall of the Mountain King that maybe you could send me. I`m looking for new music to play, because before district meeting every week we wait for everyone to show up for awhile at the church.
We don`t have that many investigators right now. Nobody is progressing very well, and we lost the baptism that we would have had this last week, the day of the baptism they said we couldn`t, because the mom of the 11 year old girl we were teaching changed her mind and said no even after she had initially given permission. That was frustrating. Saturday was a pretty crappy day and both my companion and I were pretty depressed that day.
We are trying to leave with members more. We`ve had a few more lessons with member and we`ve been working frequently with some youth getting ready to go on their missions, so that`s been good.
My companion is cool, I get along with him pretty well, he is a hard worker and always motivates us to keep working hard. It`s been good working with him. I think that we`ll stay together an extra change.
I guess that`s it for now. Life`s pretty good, but things have been moving really slowly lately, but hopefully it will pick up soon.

Elder Ward