Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7, 2014

This week we had the meeting with the new mission president, which was surprizingly pretty short, but he´s a good guy and he´ll help the mission a lot. His wife doesn´t speak much spanish though, which will be harder for her.. We have interviews with him later this week, so we´ll get to know him a little bit better then.
We didn´t do too much new or exciting this week. This morning we went to Picacho, which is a tourist place that´s in my first area, it was weird passing through my first area again after over a year of not seeing it. We played handball, which is like ultimate frisbee with a ball, and it was pretty fun.
Sorry I don´t have anything more exciting to put.
Elder Ward

We had 6 investigators in church.
The leader meeting was good, we met the new President, and he´s cool.
This week wasn´t all that exciting. Just more visits and appointments, just like always.
Today we went to picacho, a tourist attraction in my first area. It was weird to pass by my first area again in the bus, but it was good to be with the zone. We played handball, which is like ultimate frisbee, but with a ball that you throw through a soccer goal to score. It was fun. I also climbed some trees and some building things.
Other pdays, we normally play a sport or do something small as a zone for a few hours.
4th of July was a normal day, nothing too exciting...
Elder Ward