Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

(He is answering questions, which are written below.)

I´m not going to throw the shoes away. I´m still wearing them. They still work, they just look a little weird. It´s not as dramatic as the picture makes it look. I took a picture in black and white because the flash bounced off the tape, making the color picture really weird. I can probably repair the shoe here, I just have to find someone. They are the Belvedere shoes if that helps, but both were belvederes. I do have 3 pairs of shoes and the boots, but I still want to make each pair of shoes last awhile. I don´t want to come home from my mission and have to buy new shoes again right after. I won´t sell the boots until the end of my mission to see if I get sent somewhere that I need them.
The Semana Santa wasn´t very hot this year. It was actually a lot colder and rained a couple of days. It was a little different just because everyone didn´t have work, but everyone who had money left to go swimming at the beaches or to visit family. It was harder to work that week.
The natives do sweat, but they don´t walk all over the place all day, so they normally don´t sweat as much as us missionaries.
It was raining pretty heavily that one day. But it always depends. Some days it just sprinkles, but sometimes it comes down hard.
Yes, I finished reading the BofM in spanish this week. I also finished Jesus the Christ, which was a super good book. I learned a ton from it. I´ll probably have to read it again on my mission. I think that I´m going to start the New Testament in Spanish, but I may have to read side by side with my english scriptures because the wording is more confusing.
I liked General Conference this week. (Elder Cardon of the Seventy gave the talk on forgiveness and repentance) I liked Elder Hollands talks too, he has a lot of power, but teaches very simply. You can´t really misunderstand him. He´s very direct. Another Elder joked that they should just have all of the General Authorties write all of their talks, and have Elder Holland read them so that nobody falls asleep and everyone gets motivated to be better. Of course, each of the speakers has their own power with how they teach, but I do especially like Elder Holland too.
I was holding up 12 bills of Lps. 500, so that would be 6,000 Lempira, or about $300. I wanted to wait until I could get a way to have 10,000 Lempiras, but I didn´t have that much money, but 6,000 is still pretty good. :)
The mission bought microwaves for each area in the mission. I´m not really sure why, but we have them now. And now I can´t really think of a good use for it. We´ve cooked popcorn and heated up leftovers, but that´s about it.
My camera is pretty good. It doesn´t seem like it has amazing resolution in some of the photos though. Idk how much it is worth for the price, but it´s been a good camera. I want to get a camera that my other companion had that has this feature that is called burst mode, where it can take like 20 pictures in a second, so you can take cool movement photos for like parkour and stuff. I took a picture of him doing a backflip and it caught each little piece of the backflip. That camera also had really good video resolution. I don´t remember what type of camera it was though now.
We´re still going to have the baptism this week for the 9 year old. We were going to have another baptism, but now we have to wait another week because he didn´t come to general conference and he needs to go to a certain number of church meetings before he can get baptized.
That´s about all that I´ve got this week. Just answers to your questions. I don´t have much time.
Elder Ward

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Which shoes are the shoes with the 5 inch hole? Please do not throw them away yet. I think the store might replace them. Are they from Men's Wearhouse?  I will call them this week and bring in the picture you sent.  (Men's Wearhouse said they would replace them at no cost to us!  Yay!  --update:  They replaced them with even nicer Dockers!)

I thought you had three pairs of shoes, besides the boots. Why do you have to continue to wear the one with holes?

I don't think you should sell the boots until the end of your mission because you may still need them.

How was the ¨Semana Santa¨? Was it as hot as you expected? Did it change what you did that week? Do the natives sweat all of the time too or have their bodies acclimatized?

Does it rain really heavily there? That is good you were prepared with candles.

Did you finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish? How did you like General Conference. I really liked the talk on forgiveness yesterday (was his name Conrad?) and Elder Holland's talk today. I love it when he bears his testimony. It really affects me—it strengthens me. It's like when I sit in the sun, and I feel like it is somehow feeding me.

How much money were you holding in that picture?

I didn't know you were an origami wizard. Your Ninja stars look really good!

I'm impressed with how professionally shaped your tortillas are. Your baleadas look tasty. The mangoes do not look like the mangoes I've seen here in the store. I thought it was a flower at first.

Why did you get a microwave? Did the mission pay for it? I thought you said you didn't need a microwave. Have you been using it a lot?

I'm glad you found some Ranch. :)

How do you like your camera? Do you wish you had something different? Our camera is having problems (I dropped it). I've wondered about getting one like yours.

What happened with the potential baptism? What experiences have you had with teaching lately?