Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 3, 2013

This week has been pretty good.. I´ve been feeling pretty sick though... I´ve had a stomachache for the last 2 weeks and this last week I´ve had a cold and a couple days ago I got this really annoying headache. All 4 of the elders here in Yuscaran are sick right now... So saturday night and sunday we didn´t go out and work. I've been trying to rest, because I think that that was probably the original problem was that I was walking a lot farther every day, not getting as much sleep and starting to excercize, as well as that I´m not cooking my own food anymore and just have to eat what the other elders are buying...
But I´m trying to rest and recooperate and get better.. I´ve slept a lot these last few days, so hopefully my body can have more energy to go do stuff..
We had a baptism this last week, for an 8 year old girl. She randomly decided to get baptized when we invited her again this saturday. We had a cleaning activity at the church, and we asked her if she wanted to get baptized and showed her the baptismal clothes that we had for her, and her family helped convince her to do it. She is the daughter of the elder´s quorum president, and we took her up in the woods in this little stream to baptize her in this little pool that we formed like a month ago. It was a nice little baptismal service, just her family and us 4 elders in the woods..
I´ll see if I can get the pictures from my companions camera, I didn´t bring my camera to it.
That´s about all for now. Things are going good, even if I am sick, we are working and having success.
Elder Ward

I do like my companion. He and I get along really well.
The weather is good, its always warm, sometimes a little too warm. Its started to rain a lot here though. This last week its rained almost every day, so I´ve been getting a little bit wet some days. One day we had a huge rain storm, where we weren´t prepared with umbrellas or flashlights, and it rained a ton and the power went out at night, and we still had to cross almost our entire area to get back home in the pitch black. Luckily the other elders came to drop some members off in our area, so we got under their umbrellas, and we all used one flashlight to get back, fun times... The power goes out here all the time, its kind of crazy. At first it was fun, but now it´s just annoying.
We don´t have bikes or cars, nor will I in my mission. I always walk, sometimes we take the bus for big meetings or stuff like that.
We can only read church stuff on the mission. Why? Do you have a good book to recommend?
Elder Ward