Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dec. 17, 2012

This week we had a Christmas party with like 4 zones in the mission, and had some musical numbers and talks and stuff, and then we went to the temple, and fit a ton of missionaris onto a schoolbus, there were like 100! I was standing the whole half hour long ride there. Then we went back to the church, they gave us each a little present, with an apple, some treats, and a mini PMG that is really handy. We got a really nice lunch that was catered. Then our mission president let us go and choose between playing soccer, or basketball, or watching a movie. I went to watch the movie, and we were allowed to watch Toy Story 3! I was surprised, but the president let us watch it this one time on the mission, for the Christmas party, so that was fun to relax and watch a non church movie. It was also interesting watching it in Spanish. we only watched like the first half hour of it though, then we had to stop, because we had to go. So that was a nice break this week.
We have been mostly just teaching the new people that weve found. We have a few investigators, so that´s good. Saturday we went out with a teacher´s age convert, and he came with us for most of Saturday so that we could show him what it is like to be a missionary, and to bring a member to bear testimony of what we teach, so that was a good experience.
We have changes this week, so we will see soon if my companion stays or goes.
I heard the other day that they are going to add a mission in Honduras in 2013, so there will be 4, so that might affect where I would go, I could get switched to a different mission.. Idk if it´s true though, it was just a rumor that I heard. We are supposed to get a lot of new missionaries here soon though.
To reply to some of your questions, mom:
The weather is pretty much still the same. It has not rained for a few weeks, it hasn´t been too cold, we´ve had a couple of hot days, but it´s still about perfect weather. It feels like an average, utah, august day, every day.
I sent some pictures. I haven´t been taking a ton, I always forget to take pictures, although nothing here stands out to me as being all that exciting anymore to take pictures of.
Okay, that´s about all of the news that I have right now.
Elder Ward
(We will post the pictures as soon as we can get them to work.)