Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Fellowshiping nights are our activity nights for the members. We don´t always do like a lesson or something spiritual, sometimes they´re just for fun, so we call them fellowship nights.
That pancake mix and stuff is for all 4 of us yuscaran elders. It is a lot though, but we use it quite a bit. I think that we´re going to use the cake mix for some branch activity. We made some for the mothers day activity, and everyone went on and on about how good the cake was, even though it was the basic cake with frosting, so we´ll probably make a couple for the branch and a couple for us.
here´s what happened this week:
This week we had a special mission conference with Elder Ochoa from the Quorum of the Seventy come to talk to our mission. There were 3 sessions over 3 days, he talked to the missionaries in the city, in the south, and then us missionaries in the east of our mission. He talked to us about a lot of stuff and gave examples and demonstrations and stuff to show us how to be better missionaries. It was a good experience and I felt the spirit a lot telling me some stuff I need to do in the branch and stuff I need to do better. It was a good conference, and it lasted for the whole day on friday. We came back and had our weekly branch activity, not many people came to that, but it was still fun. Then, saturday morning we had an activity to clean the church, and we actually had a lot of people come to help with that, and we got a lot done. The church looks a lot better now, and we had a lot of fun doing it too. We started a water fight with the kids, and we all ended up soaked by the end. Even a few of the adults joined in and everyone that came got at least a little bit wet. Our investigator even came to the cleaning activity, but he didn´t end up coming to church yesterday, even though he said that he was going to. We didn´t have many people come to church yesterday. That was a little sad. But the old branch president is starting to come back to church, and that might help out because he knows a lot about the church and the doctrine and everything.
That was all the excitement from this week. Things are going well though. I get along with my companion well and everything.
Right now, I study like 3 or 4 chapters of the BofM every day to finish before christmas, because our mission president challenged us to, and I study PMG and spanish and I also read a lot of church manuals and other church books and pamphlets to help out each of the leaders in their classes. I´ve even read some weird books like the RS daughers in my kingdom to help out our RS president who can hardly read. Its all interesting though. I do sometimes wish that I could just focus on scriptures a lot more though too. Sometimes I have to go through all of our paperwork and financial stuff too in the mornings so I don´t always have a ton of time to study whatever.
Elder Ward