Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 16, 2013

okay, I will call on the 25th, sometime in the afternoon. just get on and stay on all day and ill call
[as zone leader] we normally run errands like bringing stuff to other missionaries or working with lawyers to get the investigators married or do baptismal interviews or do divisions with other missionaries. stuff like that. we did divisions twice this week with missionaries in our zone. we also had a mission christmas party in tegus, so we had to go all the way up there again, but it was good. I also met bethany`s (my friend from snow college) fiance today. he served his mission here and came back to visit.
we found a gairobo today in an apartment we were looking at, so I took a picture of it. it`s like a big iguana.
we played soccer this morning, and we ordered jerseys as a zone that should be pretty cool.
My trainer is going home this week, so I said goodbye to him today. that was a little weird.
Well, i don`t really know what else to say. I guess i`ll end.
I hope everyone`s still doing well,

Elder Ward