Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 28, 2014

Well, we didn`t have our baptism this week. That family has been avoiding us and not coming to the door when we pass by, even when we know they`re home. We have found a few new positive investigators though.
I am getting sick of trips to tegus though. we went yesterday (which is why I am writing on a tuesday) and I have to go again friday. There are too many meetings and stuff to get done.
Today we had a new eating adventure, we ate a delicious combination of chicken inerds (spelling?) feet, heart, kidney, lungs, liver, and neck. I think it`s called soup of giblits in english. Either way it was pretty gross, but I just kind of ate it without complaining much, I just kind of did it.
Yea. I don`t know what else to write. I`m boring, sorry. We`re working hard and staying busy, no worries.

Elder Ward

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

here`s the update I sent to dad this week:

I am doing well, weve been pretty busy this week doing random stuff, but we haven`t had much time to visit our investigators or teach lessons. Monday we went up to tegus and stayed the night and tuesday morning we had our mission leadership meeting. Then wednesday we travelled to a different part of honduras to get some papers for a wedding that some of the sister missionaries in our area had this week. Then thursday, we went back up to tegus to go to the temple, and that was nice. I finally got to see the new temple video and it was good. Then friday we had our zone meetinga and then we went around and did interviews for missionaries in our zone`s investigators. Then saturday we started working a little bit, but we also had to help with some of the baptisms and the wedding of the sisters. So we didn`t have a great chance to work in our area this week, but we had a couple of investigators in church yesterday. We will probably still have a baptism this week, next sunday, so that`ll be good. It is for a youth. She is pretty positive, and we`re still working with her family to get baptized. Other than that, we don`t have a ton of investigators. 

We are working with a lady that has been an investigator for a long time, but was an investigator of the other elders in our ward. We challenged her and she may want to move out instead of getting married to the guy that she`s living with. We`ll see how that goes..
Things with my companion are good. We`re working well together and we`ve stayed busy like I`ve said.
Yeah, I was on a bus way too many hours this week. Probably a whole 24 hours of bus rides. It was painful. But at least there were no chickens, I`m not sure to which movies you would be referring.
Other random thought: yesterday we ate pigs foot with some non members, that was a little gross. They also accidentally gave us tea, because they thought that iced tea was okay. we just tried a sip of iced tea mixed with pineapple juice, but then they told us so I stopped drinking it. haha. pig feet is gross though.
I guess that`s the news for this week.
I`ll send some random pics for the last few weeks, I don`t remember if I`ve already sent some or not...

Elder Ward

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Alright everyone, I guess I`ll send another group email out to keep you all at least a little updated about my life and stuff.
This week we had changes and my companion left to Tegus to end his mission. I learned a lot from him and he was one of my best companions.
My new companion is cool too, and we`re going to keep working hard together. He is from Ephraim, Utah and he has a change less than me in the mission, so like 16 months.
We`re staying busy here in porvenir, choluteca, were trying more than anything to get people to come to church, but we have a few investigators that are progressing and we normally have at least a few that go to church each week. We`re also busy running around helping the zone out with everything, there are lots of weddings and stuff that we have to get ready before the families can get baptized.
That`s about all I`ve got for this update. Sorry it`s short.

Elder Ward

Sorry about not wishing you a happy birthday last week. It`s hard to remember when you only have like an hour a week to write you.
I hope that you did have a good birthday though.
Thanks for your pictures of Mexico, It looks like fun work.
Our investigators are like 20-25 minutes walking away from the church. There`s buses too, but sometimes people don`t want to pay.
Today we`re going to go up to tegus for a leader meeting. I went up last week too for changes, and I`m sick of the 4 hour bus ride both ways.
That`s about all the news I have, this keyboard I`m typing on hardly works to type with, so I`ll finish I guess.
Elder Ward

Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 6, 2014

That´s good that your trip to Mexico went well and that you were all safe. 
Things here are about the same. as always. we´re working hard, but it´s not easy to bring our investigators to church every week. nobody wants to go because it is so far away. This is probably my last week with my companion, which is sad. Changes are this wednesday, and we´ll see if we have big changes with the zone and stuff.
I´ve been on divisions a few times this week and been away from my area for a bit, but it´s been good. New years there were a lot of celebrations and they lit of a ton of fireworks. They sell big dangerous fireworks really cheap here, so new years day was loud, but it was cool.
That´s probably about it for this week, but here´s some pics.
Elder Ward

(to Averianne)
well, things here in honduras go well. This morning we went and played baseball with our zone, which was alright. I also jumped off of a roof that I climbed onto, I keep wanting to do more parkour stuff already, but I guess I´ll just have to focus on working out to get huge so I can do even cooler parkour later. I twisted my ankle playing football today too, and I thought that it was going to be pretty bad, but it very surprisingly got better as soon as I tried to walk on it and now I haven´t even noticed it, so that was cool.
I think that that´s about it for this week.


December 30, 2013

I ate pig skin soup and chicken throat this week with some members. I didn´t like the pig skin soup. it felt really weird, and I was already full, so I was like gagging while I was eating it.. We´ll see if you guys can find anything weirder to eat while you´re in Mexico. ;p
Well, I hope that your Mexico trip is cool and that you all stay safe.
Elder Ward