Thursday, September 6, 2012

Aug 16

Life is pretty good, it's hard work, but I'm not going crazy yet. 9 weeks is going to be a long time here, I don't really enjoy being on the same campus all the time, within the walls of the campus, it will get old fast.. I'm sick right now, with a cold, which has been annoying me since saturday. Hopefully it gets better soon. There is a little bit more class time now, they did things differently the first week than now.. Spanish from school helped a little bit. I can pick up the concepts easier, but it is a ton easier to learn the spanish that will be relevant here. The environment here is good for learning spanish, because i am constantly surrounded by only Elders who are speaking spanish, and we talk about 50/50 English to Spanish, which is pretty good for only a couple weeks. The spanish is getting a lot better though. There is just a ton of food here at the MTC. It's not necessarily good, it's decent, but it's just buffet every single meal of the day. I enjoy eating Life Cereal or granola every morning for breakfast, as much as I want, because Life is my favorite cereal. I talked to a missionary from Honduras the first day, but he spoke in Spanish to one of my fluent friends going to Honduras. There aren't that many international missionaries from different countries here in Provo, because they normally get shipped out to an MTC closer to their mission, unless they speak English.
I can only read emails on P-day, but i can read letters any day, and if you use, you can send emails to me, and I will get them that day as a letter and can read them that day. and that is free while im here at the MTC, and ive heard people say that it might be a good idea for even when im in Honduras to pay for it, because it is a lot faster than regular mail getting to Honduras, but idk for sure. I can only respond to anything on my p-day.
I'm glad that you are all having fun with Naomi, and hope that things are going well there.
I will talk to you later, my time limits up...
Elder Ward

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