Thursday, September 6, 2012

Aug 30

Hi, yes I have gotten 3 Dear elder letters total, well actually I've only gotten 2 in the mail but I recieve a confirmation to all of the letters to my email, so that i could read it. I think that you may have sent one of the letters to Honduras, because it said that the adress was a different one on the email, but I was able to read it.
I do not have my visa, but they say that if it doesn't come, we can still get into Honduras and we don't need it to get into the country. Honduras apparently is a lot more relaxed than a lot of the other countries that people are going to, that are waiting for months longer than scheduled for visas to come in. The teachers don't really teach anything about the cultures of any of the countries, but I hear a lot by talking to other people who know people who have served in Honduras and places around it. But I'm not always sure how much to believe. Elder Cousins just transfered over to the Madrid MTC, so he will still be training for the rest of the 9 weeks over there. There are 4 Elders in our room, and about 20 other rooms on our floor, all sharing the same freezing cold showers. About 1/2 the showers are warm, but there is always a long line to get in in the mornings. P-days, there really isn't anything to do here, since we can't leave campus during P-days, and they don't have anything else to do. So, we normally just write letters, talk with other missionaries, or sleep. My sleep schedule is waking up between 6 and 6:30, and going to bed around 10:30. I'm glad that you seem like you all are doing good for the most part. I will talk to you next week!

Elder Ward

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