Thursday, September 6, 2012

Aug 23

I am doing good, I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary too exciting. Just regular MTC stuff, studying the scriptures, learning spanish, teaching investigators, all that fun stuff. But my emails probably won't get very exciting until I get to Honduras and have some exciting adventures. We just got done this morning with going through the temple, like we do every morning of P-day. Umm, Elder Cousins left this week, he got his visa on time (which is very uncommon for those going to Spain, but because he got his call in February, he got his visa back in time to leave on time.) The Elders going to Spain in my district will be here until they get their visas, but they may not come for quite awhile. Also, we had a devotional this Tuesday from Elder Neal L. Anderson from the quorem of the 12 to come speak to us, and that was a super good devotional, which we all enjoyed. My companion and I have had our room to ourselves for the last 3 weeks since after our original roommates moved out because they moved up to the advanced classes, but yesterday we got new roommates, so it's crowded in our room again with not as much space, and more people come in our room now to visit at nights, which is slightly more annoying, but they seem nice, I haven't talked to them much since they just got here yesterday.

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