Thursday, September 6, 2012

Aug 3

Dear Familia

See look^, I'm totally fluent in Spanish by now...Anyways, I'm here at the MTC, with barely any time between classes and study times, and now have a couple of minutes before lunch today to write. It's pretty good here. I am in a district full of people who are going to either Spain or Honduras. I now know like 10 people going to Honduras, including my companion and other 2 roommates, who are all going to the San Pedro Sula Mission in Honduras. They are all pretty cool, and we all get along fine. I've also seen plenty of people that I already know here at the MTC. I came in on the same day as like 3 other missionaries that I know, and have probably seen about 5 other people that I know. Umm, other than that, life is just classes every day, not too crazy exciting worth writing about. My estimated departure date for Honduras has been set for the 30th of September. Also, it will be completely impossible to follow the airline rules about luggage, because they loaded us all full of tons and tons of books. It will never fit. Oh well. You might want to double check this address that they gave me for my MTC mailing address, because it looks a little different than I remember, but maybe I'm crazy:

MTC Mailbox #343
HON-TEG 0930
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

(Also, I believe that my P-day is on Thursday here.)

Elder Ward

From Tiauna Ward (mom):
His email is:

If you use, they print and deliver your letter to him that same day if you send it before noon, Mon.- Fri.

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